THE OLYMPUS OMD EM5 Review… sort of.

I wasnt much of a believer of the MFT system. I had been using fuji X cameras for about a year and a half now and found they did the job just fine. I traded mt fuji xe-1 for and olympus omd em5 kit out of curiosity. I took it home and started shooting with the olympus 12-50 kit lens and at first I wasnt so impressed. I noticed heavy fringing and color rendering was sub par. Its a great lens to take on vacation for family pics and general use but I would not use it for anything serious. The fuji was quickly winning me back. I did notice the lighting fast AF on the OMD. It really is lightning fast which is a real joy when switching from my fuji x100s. I really need to get out there and buy either a 17mm or a 12mm to really enjoy this system. I purchased an M adapter so I could use my 35 and 50 crons but after trying it on I noticed it wouldnt click into place. Pro Optic M to MFT adapter seems to fit my zeiss 35mm but not my actual Leica lenses, this was a disappointment. I guess you get what you pay for. I will have probably bite the big one and get a novaflex adapter just to be sure. They make great adapters and I have found them to be made really well.  

The OMD is a great camera. Its solid, weather proofed and with some black tape it is a very discreet camera. I like being able to shoot from the hip using the flip up screen. I love the fast AF when using AF lenses. I really enjoy the ART 10 filter in black and white ( its the only setting I have used ) I do enjoy shooting it in fully manual and I love the size of the camera even with the 12-50mm kit lens. Color rendering improves with glass and Fringing disappears with better glass too. I would recommend this to anyone who is a street shooter, loves their leica glass and wants a compact little camera to ninja around the city with. This camera has really grown on me and I havent picked up my fujis in a long time.  If you can, I would recommend renting one and trying it out. I am a believer in the MFT systems now and I look forward to building this system up. It works perfect for my needs as a documentary / street photographer and for everything else, I have a canon 5d MKIII with a crap load of L lenses. My Oly is now my everyday camera and my neck and back thank me. 

The OMD EM5 with a zeiss 35 2.8 ZM lens combined makes for a really great camera setup. Its a super light package and I have enjoyed shooting it in this setup for the past few days. here are a few sample shots using both the 12-50 and the 35mm 2.8 tell me if you can spot a difference.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage Image




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