Olympus OMD EP5 and 12-50mm kit lens

It was xmas, I don’t celebrate it but I get present envy every year. I decided to go on craigslist and see what deals were out there. 
Perhaps, I could find myself a gift to entertain myself for a few months. I was short on cash so it had to be a barter. After about 7 

no responses I finally got a yes. It wasn’t a trade for a Leica M6 like I had initially sought out for, instead the deal was my Fuji de-1 with 18mm 2.0 lens for an Olympus OMC EM5 in box with kit lens. Honestly, I was not impressed at first. I saw it as an opportunity to get my hands on a box fresh camera I could later flip for more money then my fairly worn XE-1. I decided to take him up on his offer and go ahead with the trade. I did not expect to be so dang happy with the trade. I mean I had no idea what all the hype was about. This is my second camera in the micro four thirds system and to be totally honest I think I might actually keep this camera and use it a lot more than I thought. Lightning fast auto focus, quiet, small, discrete, exceptional build quality and the art filters are not bad at all. Resolution is good and I mean good like compete with fuji good. EFV view finder is decent and the flip out screen is a joy to have. I do hate that the write speeds are slow and I mean really really slow. if you don’t chimp it should be fine.  It also has a weather sealed body and lens which is awesome cause I was out in the pouring rain yesterday and for the first time in camera history, I wasn’t worried. Here are a few sample photos. Mostly used the art filter 10 in black and white. i have had a lot of fun and I do recommend both amateurs  and pros alike to consider this awesome little package.  I have this camera and a Macbook air 11 inch and a hard drive. How much more compact can you get? maybe swap out the macbook air for my iPad mini and a card reader? This is an awesome setup! 




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