Post prod via Iphone and instagram?

Yes, I am talking post edit of real photos taken on real camera and uploaded on iphone to be post edited and posted on Instagram. Not everyone prefers photoshop. I decided to post two instagram 3 instagram shots taken with a Nikon F100 and Nikon FG-20.

I understand I am deviating from a mostly fujifilm camera blog but I think you have gotten the “picture” when it comes to fuji X cameras by now. They are freaking great and go buy them already! I have spoken way to kind and loving of these cameras for a man not sponsored or recognized by them. I have made the decision to Talk Photography, be it film or digital with the actual tools I use to create images you see here on this blog.

I believe in creative process and what you used to get to the final product. What I mean by used doesn’t really mean what gear or gadget but more about the steps you took to achieve your goal. what lighting, what focal length, what post production if any and what program worked best to get the effect you were looking for.  There are so many programs out there.  For these shots, I actually just used my camera and then sent it to my iphone to edit it via instagram.



Created using a Fuji XE-1 and edited with simple filters and straightening tool and image rotate via instagram. originals were posted (sep 24,2013)

this next photo below taken with a Nikon FG-20 and 28/35 soligar lens post prod via instagram.


Lastly, this Photo taken with a Nikon F100 and 50 1.8 nikkor with ilford black & white iso 400 post again, done on instagram.


remember, photo is about image…Not yours, the one you take! To be artistic means to be free, you should be able to use whatever you have to create it. don’t ever get tied down by the norm. Enjoy free expression and enjoy what you do well and embrace what you do not do well. Keep shooting, keep sharing. Long live photography.


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