Revisited, Cropped and now published

Its always a good idea to take a second look at your photos after the dust has settled. A few questions I like to ask myself when shooting street. 

Was I able to tell the story without too much distraction? 

Did I get close enough to my subject? 

Does this need to be cropped to be less confusing?  

Here is one example.. I came across a couple walking their dog, it seemed they had decided to make a quick stop to embrace to which the dog very visually spoke out in disapproval.  I spotted this knowing I only had a few seconds to capture it. I walked up with my eyes glued to my viewfinder and began snapping away correcting exposure and composing and re composing with every step. this best shot i got, I was still pretty far away. I decided today, that most of the info in the shot was not necessary and helped in no way to tell the story. This is now the revised version of that photo ( you can see full image “me and Liz take a walk part II” posted on sep 05 2013)



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