Back in Scottsdale AZ.

I just got back a few days ago. resting up and pondering the last trip I had to NYC. It was an amazing trip back, one filled with creativity and life searching. I wanted to thank a few people by name who have helped me during my short trip. In one way or another, you have inspired me and gave me back my creative mindset which has been missing for so many years. Credits below. 

Chez Bryan Ong – Spoon and Fork studios. Good friend and creative guide and mentor. 

Liz shafiroff – Soon to be Famous documentary/street photographer and New friend. 

Katherine Alcazar – Yoga, Instructor, Massage therapist, Fashion designer and close friend. 

Joanne Blanco – Office manager, HR person and Administrative assistant, aspiring jerwelry designer and very special friend

Nancy Leong – Technical designer and Jewelry designer and close friend. 

Ed Lin –  Published writer and Father! bass player and noise maker. I love you ED! 

Anthea Neri – Musician, Singer, Songwriter and good friend.

Nyanne Cortezano – Advertising and design major – School of Visual Arts NYC and Good friend. 

Marco David – Visual Display, stock and merchandising expert, Photographer and Good friend.  

Along with a special thanks to all those I have met through you. 


Its a small circle but thanks for making New York so special.  Keep writing books, making songs, designing clothing, fabricating jewelry, creating images and designs, running the business, keeping us healthy both spiritually and physically and documenting the City we all know and love. you all represent a portion of what makes NYC so creative and inspiring. I cant wait to get back!   


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