Simplicity in Black & white

This entry contains one photo. I have been trapped in the house a few days. Its really hot out and I don’t deal with heat very well.

it makes me cranky and I begin to hate everything and everyone. The AC is blasting and Im in a nostalgic mood so I decided to take

one photo of my Mamiya C330 “professional” TLR camera. I used the Fuji X100 for this shot, shutter at 1/60th, ISO 3200 at F:2.0.

some noise but not in a bad way. This X1oo has been a bundle of joy and I will be taking it with me to NYC on my next trip. I cant

wait to see what it can do on the busy streets of my hometown.




Again, I am not sponsored or connected to Fuji in anyway. I am a proud owner and use Fuji X series for my personal and professional work since Dec. 2012.

this site is dedicated to the use and functions of the X line cameras, most notably the Xpro-1 and the X100. I will post up pics from client work, personal work,

and rainy day snap shots in our around my home. It should make for an exciting long term review of these cameras.


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