I go way back with leica, here are two photos of mine I used on a site for whats in my camera bag. These days, I have been using the Fuji X series cameras. I just can’t afford to love digital leicas anymore. I haven’t given up dreams of being a Magnum photographer yet and I don’t need an M9p, M monochrom, M-204  or M-e  to do that. I can always use a Trusted M3 or M6. Build quality is a lot more solid with the Leica than the Fuji. The Leica also weighs a lot more ( I wont get into specs ) The Fuji is still a bit ways off the sharpness of the newer Leica Lenses but when you figure in cost, The fuji delivers more bang for the buck when compared to other lenses. My only complaint is the focus ring. If there is anything Fuji can improve on, it would be the Focus ring. They NEED to make it more analog feeling. It just doesn’t make sense to go through all that trouble to make it as classic as possible and then negate a proper focusing ring. The worst of it all is that you need two fingers to move the AF box around…. I don’t know how that makes sense. As with all gear we adapt, improvise and overcome. I honestly think that those two points, focus ring and af selection should be addressed in future models. If its about making it easy for a photographer then it should be made easy and whats easy? Something that works with out us having to think too much or shuffle to move af points. FIX IT FUJI! Other than that, I find myself missing leica M9P only when I remember how damn beautiful it was, Then I look around the house and see all the wonderful things I now own because I sold it. Thank God for Fuji.

 15424 DSC02716


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