A few months with the Fuji Xpro1

Its been 6 months later, Nothing posted in between. I have since rid myself of the my beloved Leica M9P and have fully switched to fuji for the time being.  I know its a pretty bold step to take but I didn’t see any hopes of a sponsor ship with leica happening anytime soon. I have taken my Fuji to Boston, Washington DC, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Vegas, San Diego, L.A. Long beach CA and Arizona in the past 6 months. I have taken a few hundred shots sadly, I am limited on what I can share as most of the time I was on assignment and cannot publicly share 90% of it. I know, its complicated.


_DSF3415    Final thoughts, I love the Fuji cameras! I added an X100 to my bag and I will be on the move again very soon. I think these cameras are really the best all around digital cameras you can get. Its not full frame, but you soon forget that once you are home looking at your images.

I have never had a problem, and error message or a situation where the camera just wouldn’t shoot. I am not paid or sponsored by Fujifilm but to be honest, My M9P gave me problems I decided to sell it and opt for film leica’s instead.


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