Early morning

It’s 7am, Monday December 17 and I’m on top of a rooftop in Baltimore looking out into the foggy morning sky. I guess it’s a good time to type out my first entry. Let me start with a brief intro. I was born and raised in Jamaica queens NY. I started learning photography at a very young age. I was in a darkroom by the age of 9 and shooting streets photography when I was 11. My first camera was a Yashica rangefinder. I have been shooting ever since. 

I decided to open this blog for two reasons. The first being that I have never opened a photo blog before and thought it was a perfect time to do so and secondly, I have been a long time Leica M shooter and have just been introduced to the Fuji xpro1 recently. I am not one to follow hype. I purchased it, unboxed it and have shot one assignment with it. Before I go any further, this is no way a review. I will let images be my review. The things I complain about in regards to the camera, its just way too light. I like a bit of weight in my camera. The lens is also light. I don’t like the idea of having to move focus points using two fingers. It slows down the process of shooting. Raw mode would be nice if I was a bit more tech savvy I guess I wouldn’t have minded installing the useless software included to view my photos. The autofocus may be a bit slow for some users but I don’t mind bit. Using the focus points is the way to go but it’s just not quick enough to access when shooting candid. Unless you fix your focus point and constantly frame around it. That does not always work! Other than that, image quality outstanding! The 35 1.4 is a beast of a lens. Very similar to the legendary summicrons…did I just say that?!?!  I don’t pretend to know the plans of Fuji, but I hope they are considering a full frame version with a one touch toggle for focus points like Nikon or canon. I mean if you add focus points it should be quickly accessed. Ok, enough chatter! I’m going to go out and shoot something. I’ll post up a few images later. Thanks for reading! 






3 thoughts on “Early morning

  1. Looking forward to your posts from a fellow X100 user. I found it odd that you were previously a Leica shooter and now moving to the Fuji series.

    • thanks, Its not that odd when you equate how much debt you can clear with the sale of a leica kit. lol Im not a rich man, I went without a lot of rational needs so that I could use some of the best gear in the market only to return to the basic Idea of using what you have learned in school and making the most of what you have even if its not the higher end stuff. I still own leica lenses which I will never let go. These days, its about so many factors in which helped me choose Fuji. My eyes have gotten worse and focusing under certain situations is nearly impossible for me. Zone focus works well but only under certain light so I needed an autofocus. The fuji is much lighter than the Leica and renders an image somewhere between the M9 and M8 with a little of that Canon 5d thrown in. Lastly, I got a big return on selling my leica gear and that much cash in your hand is never a regret. I look forward to seeing more work from you! im glad to share as much as I can.

      • As my boss would say from time to time “One for the good guys.” I am so glad you kept the lenses. I can only drool over what they say about the legendary Leica lenses. I just took my first shot of 120 with a Yashica EM today. Hopefully, the settings were right and the gears are operating properly.

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